The fact that many children are struggling to read and understand what they read is actually connected to their early
Does Your Child Suffer From A Foundational Learning Deficit (FLD)" ?? This Is A Serious Pandemic Amongst Our Children!! 81%
The All in One Play Teach Program consists of the "Spelling Numbers Shapes Bucket" the "How-to Booklet"  and "Learning Resources Pack"
Foundational teaching, also known as foundational education, is the process of imparting essential skills, knowledge, and values to young children
😀 Children gain a well-rounded understanding of letters, numbers, shapes, and colours through a diverse range of activities. Sequential progression
Why should parents be involved in their kids’ learning when they are being taught at school? Some parents might feel
1. Limited Access to Books and Resources: Many children in South Africa lack access to age-appropriate books, reading materials, and
An "all-in-one fun play teach" program for teachers,mom's, dad's , incorporating elements that focus on literacy and language, cognitive and
Developing foundational skills in literacy and language, cognitive and executive function, numeracy and maths, fine motor coordination, and executive function
8 Disadvantages of Not Developing Emergent Literacy and Language in Children:   Limited Communication: Children who do not develop language
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