The Spelling Numbers Shapes Bucket idea started out at the beginning of the COVID lockdown in 2020, when our grandson Max and his mom came to stay with us in our farm in Lephalale, in the Limpopo Province.

I had been making toys for him on my 3D printer and started making letters to spell his name and the idea grew from there.

We chatted to teachers to find out more about teaching young kids and what was expected and so it grew into letters, numbers and shapes.

We were told that it could not just be any letters but had to be in the Junior Font as that was being used in schools so that was added.

Through this we were introduced via our teacher friends to a young lady, Madelie who is a children’s speech therapist, who made us aware of the plight of children and the huge illiteracy levels and the lack of foundational learning.

At this point we decided to make and share this with as many parents who needed a solution.

With her and my wife Jen’s help, they developed the “How to teach your children about letters numbers and shapes Booklet” and all the foundational learning exercises aimed at giving mothers and fathers the basics to teach their kids and hopefully give children a better start.

Much later on the phonics videos in South African English and Afrikaans were added to help strengthen language development.

With the help of many, The Spelling Numbers Shapes Bucket, is what we believe, truly unique as it enables the learning of so many foundational skills, many of which are not learned today.

If 81% of Grade 4 children cannot read for meaning in any language in our country today, we have to ask what’s wrong?

The answer is that our kids are suffering from a foundational learning deficits, something a cell phone or computer program can’t fix.

What will fix this is hands on learning through play.

Many parents and teachers use this today (Please see the Google reviews), and we have endorsements from Dr Judy van Heerden (former lecturer at Pretoria University) and Dr Heidi Faber, (Chief Educational Specialist: Dept of Education) so we are happy that out program is at a high standard.

Finally, our Spelling Numbers Shapes Bucket and foundational learning program is well made and the exercises are easy and versatile and is giving a lot of joy to many families in South Africa.

And I hope it will do the same for you and your children.

So this is our story feel free to contact me at anytime if you want to know more


James Coetzee


Ps: Max learn ’t his letters numbers and shapes, has done well at school always getting 5’s and now is in Grade 1.


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