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" Teaching Resources Perfectly Fit For
Foundational Learning,
Perfect For Interventions &
Perfect For Special Needs Development."

Developed by South African Teachers

"During discussions with educators, we found a pressing need for authentic Grade 1/Junior font resources for the classroom & home. Our product guarantees quality and authenticity, meeting your demands for versatile solutions."

What is it & what is it designed to do ?

It’s an interactive and comprehensive teaching resource in the Grade 1  Font. 
 Designed to assist teachers or parents to the develop the following Learning Domains: 
Literacy & Language, 
Numercy & Mathematics, 
Cognition & Executive Function 
Fine Motor Co-ordination & Development. 
Make learning engaging, fun and effective for young learners. 
Grade R to Grade 1 (Ages 3-8 or Older)

What does it consist of ?

Our teaching resources are a powerhouse of learning, featuring…… 

1. The Spelling Numbers Shapes Bucket

2. The Learning Resources Pack.

"So lets delve into the specifics of each of these resources............"

1. The Spelling Numbers Shapes Bucket

All in One - 119 Piece (Grade 1 Font) Set & Foundational Learning Guide, with the following.....

Complete System
1 Set of Capital Letters, Grade 1 Font, 5 Colours. 60mm x 5mm, Magnetic.EVA
2 Sets of Lowercase Letters, Grade 1 Font, 5 Colours, 30mm X 5mm, Magnetic.EVA
11 Numbers, Grade 1 Font, 2 Colours. 3 Math Signs. 20 Counting Discs, Magnetic,EVA
7 Shapes, 7 Colours, 50mm x 5mm, Magnetic .EVA
Phonlogical Awareness: Magnetic, Colour coded, washable
Spelling, Reading, Letter & Colour recognition
Foundational Learning & Intervention Guide: 12 Activity Cards
Foundational Learning: Introduction
Learning Journey Steps
Leer Reisstappe(In aflaaibare boek)

The How To Booklet connects the the Spelling Number Shapes Bucket to the Learning Resources Pack making teaching & learning a meaningfull experience.

2. PDF Learning & Video Resources Pack
English & Afrikaans
(Only Downloadable)
R 149.85 (Total Package)

"Items from the pack can be bought individually..."


Created by our children's speech therapist, the phonics videos are approx: 29 Minutes long & focuses on recognition & pronunciation.

Click to listen

Importance of the 4 Learning Domains.

For those who don't know what the Learning Domains are here is a summary from the Thrive By 5 Index and applicable domains when using this resource ......

Emergent Literacy and Language:

This domain involves the early stages of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

It includes recognizing letters and sounds, vocabulary development, storytelling, understanding the structure of a story, and the ability to communicate effectively. This foundation is crucial for developing proficient reading and writing skills, which are vital for academic success and effective communication.

Emergent Numeracy and Mathematics:

This domain encompasses the early stages of understanding and using numbers and mathematical concepts.

 It includes recognising numbers, counting, basic arithmetic (addition and subtraction), understanding shapes, patterns, measurements, and spatial awareness. These foundational skills prepare children for more complex mathematical reasoning and problem-solving in later grades.

Fine Motor Coordination and Visual Motor Integration:

This domain focuses on the development of children’s physical abilities to control and coordinate small muscles, particularly in their hands and fingers, and the integration of these movements with visual input.

Cognition and Executive Functioning:

This domain refers to the mental processes that enable children to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and manage multiple tasks successfully.

It includes skills such as working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. Activities designed to enhance these skills might involve puzzles, memory games, sorting tasks, and activities that require following multi-step instructions, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

These domains collectively support the holistic development of children, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills for academic and everyday life.

Why These Teaching Resources?

Lets be frank, according to the PIRLS Report (2021), it was found that 81% of Grade 1 Learners could not read for meaning in any language, therefore, and as our educators have pointed out, it stands to reason that:-

Better, more appropriate teaching resources in foundation phase are urgently needed, especially as they are made in the prescribed Grade 1 Font and allow for such a broad application.

Here is our offer to you for these unique resources...

zehrah hoosenzehrah hoosen
16:23 13 May 24
Service was great. I got my delivery within 3 days of ordering. Great quality and love the fact they have different ways to use the product. I did find the letters small but I knew this when I bought the product. Would have been nice if they could make bigger sizes. Overall a must buy for teachers and parents.
brenda methbrenda meth
18:41 31 Jan 24
I love the colours and the quality of the grandchildren just love it..
Tracy HigginsTracy Higgins
08:36 14 Nov 23
Kerry-Anne YoungKerry-Anne Young
18:26 02 Nov 23
I bought the Spelling Numbers Shapes bucket for my children and it exceeded all my expectations. My 3 kiddies absolutely love it and are learning so much whilst playing. Delivery of my order arrived the same day. Such a great tool for all young kiddies … can’t recommend it enough 😃
Talita BadenhorstTalita Badenhorst
14:01 02 Nov 23
This is the most amazing product! My five year old absolutely loves it! It is so easy to use and beautifully made and includes instruction booklets to make your life so easy. It is the best way to teach your child about the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours. It makes learning so much fun! Don't even think twice - just buy it!
Gabi de SousaGabi de Sousa
09:33 02 Nov 23
I really enjoy using this product with my students. The font is perfect for foundation phase and I love the bright colours. The sensory feel of the letters and numbers is an added bonus. I am also a sucker for anything magnetic because it makes the product more versatile to use. The on-line aspect is also very useful, especially for the non-English speaking learners. You will not be disappointed should you choose to purchase this product.
Mariska de GouveiaMariska de Gouveia
08:04 02 Nov 23
It is perfect for any learning opportunity and so easy to use. Thank you so much to helping Mom’s to make learning fun AND helpful.
Hester DeschampsHester Deschamps
01:37 15 Aug 23
Danelle RautenbachDanelle Rautenbach
11:34 21 Jul 23
Absolutely fantastic product - quality is excellent and the aftersales service impeccable. They really want children to succeed and are encouraging of the parent involvement in the process. This a one of kind product!
Juanri SteenkampJuanri Steenkamp
09:26 14 Jun 23
I absolutely am amazed by this product, I love that it is also magnetic and the kids can stick it on the fridge. My daughter has started building 3 letter words in one day of having this letter kit. Thank you for your wonderful bucket.
Ledise van SchalkwykLedise van Schalkwyk
08:59 14 Feb 23
Play teach makes learning so much fun, they get to play and learn at the same time. The activities are fun and creative. The bucket also allows for free play, which is the ultimate!
Berdine VorsterBerdine Vorster
08:59 14 Feb 23
Had such a great experience with The Play Teach Company's product.Fun way to teach my almost 2 year son about the alphabet, numbers and shapes.He loves the shapes and is always the first thing we need to play with.Product is soft and just the right size for my son to handle easily.
Malefa PriscillaMalefa Priscilla
18:11 03 Feb 23
The servise was excellent,I received my goods earlier than I expected.This company do exactly as you asked.They are the best .My kids are using the learning already and they enjoying.
Becci BothaBecci Botha
04:35 03 Feb 23
As a grade R teacher the lowercase alphabet is so useful. I use it weekly in my class to teach learners the sounds. The learners love the feel of them and love to use them to make up words and spell their names. These are the only letters I could find in the proper grade 1 font in the whole of South Africa. Every classroom should have these.

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Courier Fees: Economy

  • Gauteng, JHB/Pretoria: R 97.56 (Area Dependant)
  • Other Areas: R 103.50 

This is just a rough guide for 1 or 2 buckets, fees are dependant on various factors, expect to pay more if you live in a high risk area.


Features & Benefits Of The Learning Resources

Assessments, Videos, and A4 Sheets:


  • Foundational Skills Assessment (10 pages) for a comprehensive skills check
  • English and Afrikaans phonics videos for auditory learning
  • Matching and naming sheets (A4) for vowels, alphabets, and words


  • Identifies and addresses foundational learning skills through assessments
  • Enhances phonetic understanding with engaging multilingual videos
  • Reinforces visual recognition with A4 sheets for various learning components

Language Mastery and Reading Resources


  • “Learn South African English A-Z” and “Learn Afrikaans A-Z” videos for language mastery
  • Extra words to spell (A4) and words with pictures (A4) for expanded vocabulary


  • Promotes language mastery through immersive, language-specific videos
  • Expands vocabulary and spelling skills with added resources
  • Strengthens word-image associations through visual aids

Extracurricular Exploration:


  • Engaging activities such as “Let’s go fishing for colours” and “Building pictures from shapes.”
  • A4 sheets for matching and naming shapes, both big and small


  • Encourages creativity and exploration beyond core subjects
  • Reinforces understanding of shapes through fun and interactive activities
  • Visual aids in the form of A4 sheets support effective learning

Dr Judy van Heerden:....

It is important to have versatile educational resources in the home or other learning environments and to be able to use them effectively with young children.

The All in One-Play Teach program in the Grade 1 Font is a versatile educational resource which can give teachers, but importantly young children a big advantage to learn through play, experience joy, and succeed.”

” Dr Judy van Heerden” (2023)

Dr Judy is an expert in the field of Early Childhood Education in South Africa, and the advisor to The Play Teach Company.

Literacy in the Foundation Phase/Geletterdheid in die Grondslagfase Grade 1 Font

The inclusion of a Grade 1 font is meant to strengthen the chapter on handwriting (Chapter 7). Although the language skills are provided in separate chapters, one should always remember that the facilitation of the language skills should be done in an integrated manner.

The Grade 1 font, available for download, is designed by Judy van Heerden, a lecturer in the Department of Early Childhood Education at the University of Pretoria and Marietjie Schutte, a lecturer in the Department of Information Science at the University of Pretoria

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Free Grade 1 Font

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